Accessibility Features of this Website

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STAR is an independent community organisation that advocates on a statewide basis for the rights of people with an intellectual disability and their families.

May visitors to this website may have an intellectual disability and we do our best to provide a website that is accessible to as many people as possible.


To achieve this, the STAR website has been self tested for the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.0) Level AAA standard.

The STAR website features a number of accessibility features to achieve this standard, primarily aimed at providing additional methods of using, reading and interacting with the Star Victoria Inc. website, making it easier for all people to use this website.


On each page you will find three icons or their text equivalents, which enable the features of this website. These icons or text equivalents can be found on the right hand side of each page, in-line with the page heading.

Hear This Page

The ‘Hear This Page’ feature allows a visitor to the website who is using compatible web browser software to have the page they are currently reading read out to them using text-to-speech technology.

Currently, the ‘Hear This Page’ feature is compatible only with the following web browser software:

  • Firefox by Mozilla
  • Chrome by Google
  • Opera by Opera Software

Internet Explorer by Microsoft and Safari by Apple are not currently supported.

For people with unsupported web browser software, or who are unable to update their web browser software, you may consider using freely downloadable software to assist with text-to-speech.

Print This Page

The ‘Print This Page’ feature allows a visitor to print the web page they are currently reading. A Print pop-up will appear once this icon is clicked and will allow the visitor to print the page they are currently reading.

Email This Page

The ‘Email This Page’ feature allows a visitor to email the text of a page to themselves for later view, or to someone else who many be interest in the content.

Having Difficulties or Have Feedback?

If you find it difficult to use the STAR website in a manner you expect or can suggest ways in which we can improve accessibility of this website, please contact us.