Individual Stories

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Jane’s Story

‘Jane’s Story’ is a short video that tells the powerful real life story of Jane and her son Nick. Focusing on the challenges they faced when Nick first moved into a group home, Jane talks about;

  • her memory of whenNick’s disability was first diagnosed;
  • the challenges they faced when Nick wanted to move out of home;
  • the breakdown in the r elationship between herself and staff at the group home;
  • her role in advocating for Nick; and
  • what it took to turn the situation around.

We recommend this video as a valuable resource for disability service providers committed to supporting their staff to work more effectively with families.

Jane’s Story is available at the Disability Services Commissioner website and is a helpful resource that can show how a issues/complaints can be resolved.  For more information about making a complaint please go to the DSC website

Individual Stories

Just like everyone else – Brendan’s Story

My son Brendan is proud to be a student at Box Hill Tech.  It’s his first experience of regular school and that means a lot to a 16 year old.  For the first 11 years of his life Brendan was educated in segregated settings. for more click here Brendan

Cynthia’s Story

Our eldest child attended a special school for most of his primary school years.  As a member of STAR Victoria, information on a range of topics expanded our horizons and expectations. for more click here

Life Experience – Rowan’s story

Around the world are 100’s of 1000’s of parents who have shared with us the shock and misery, followed by the grief, of being told that our child is not normal, mentally retarded, mentally handicapped, intellectually disabled or whatever the current term is or was. Rowan was born in 1957. This was a time when there was no public understanding about retardation. There was nothing to read. Doctors knew nothing except sometimes a correct diagnosis. Not always. So parents, shocked, filled with grief, were left with no help.. for more click here Rowan Temby Story

Inclusion in Education – Kelly’s story – This story was written some years ago when Kelly had almost completed her schooling years.

My elder daughter Kelly was born twenty years ago, with Down Syndrome. The health professionals around at this time, gave us no hope, and actually suggested that I go home and leave her, and get on with my life. Yet here we are now, facing another major transition time in her life, as Kelly comes to the end of her schooling in the local secondary school..for more click here Kelly – Inclusive Education

“A Strike and  a Spare” Jennifer and Valda’s story

This is the story of Jennifer and Valda, and how they joined a seniors’ ten pin bowling league.  Jennifer and Valda used to live with their mother in Broadmeadows and they enjoyed bowling with a group of people who attended the same day centre. For more click here Strike_and_a_Spare (3MB PDF Download)