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Resources and Reports

To order any of the resources below please fill in the Publications Order form and send payment to STAR office STAR_Publications_order_form-1

Sterilization Conference 1990 Report –  On_The_Record-report

Supporting Inclusive Schooling resources

In response to community need, STAR has produced these resources to support the integration of students with intellectual disability in Victorian government schools.

They comprise a set of 6 booklets titled:  Click on a title for a brief overview of each booklet

Learning about people with an intellectual disability People with an intellectual disability

Inclusive Schooling Inclusive Schooling Introduction

The integration aide Integration aide introduction

Taking the next step – A guide for Parents Guide for parents introduction

The booklets include:

• information about the specific topic

• practical strategies and ideas to assist inclusion

• answers to common questions

• ideas about where to obtain further help

The booklets can be purchased as a full set or individually. We strongly recommend that all purchases include the booklets “Learning About People with an Intellectual Disability” and “Inclusive Schooling’, since they underpin all the other materials.

Who will find the resources useful?

They are intended to assist people directly supporting students with disability in regular primary and post-primary schools and in the preschool years. They are suitable for teaching and administrative staff, integration aides and of course, families. They have been written to increase understanding of people with intellectual disability, as well as to suggest ways to achieve more inclusive regular school and pre-school communities.

How were the resources developed?

The resources, which are updated regularly, draw on the combined wisdom and experience of many people from primary and post-primary school communities and school support staff, as well as staff and families involved in the pre-school years. They are based on “best practice”, while trying to take into account the constraints and pressures on schools and families today.

Other STAR Resources
“By Me for Me – Shared Experiences”
Based on interviews with women with an intellectual disability telling of their personal experiences in relation to sexuality, relationships, health etc.
$11.00 (free to women with an intellectual disability)

A set of 2 videos about people with intellectual disability moving from institutions to live and participate in the community from the family and community perspective.
$45 a set or $25.00 each.

Examines what 112 residents of government and non-government accommodation in Victoria pay for rent and support services, and makes recommendations on important issues of quality, grievance mechanisms, individual finances and policy. $16.50

The report of a recent project which includes the experiences of some older people with intellectual disability together with some recommendations for change to make participation in mainstream leisure activities a reality.

‘A Strike & A Spare”
Tells the story of two sisters and their inclusion in a mainstream leisure activity.